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Relationship Marketing: An Effective Small Business Marketing Strategy

handshakeWhen it comes to marketing budgets, small businesses are generally at a great disadvantage when competing against larger companies. So while small businesses may not have nearly the budget to cover advertising and marketing expenses as larger companies, small businesses do have the marketing advantage when it comes down to relationship marketing; building relationships and getting to know their customers.

Knowing how to use the resources you have is a tremendous asset in any business. So don’t let company size and budget stand in your way when it comes to effective marketing strategies. Not all effective marketing strategies are costly and in fact, many can be carried out on a small business budget.

One very effective marketing strategy that will cost you more in time and effort than money and yet have a tremendous payoff is . .  Relationship Marketing.

  • Get to know your customers by paying special attention to their needs and always providing value and great service.
  • Treat them as the valued customer that they are rather than just another sale.
  • Listen to their complaints as opportunities to better serve them.

Believe it or not, people don’t buy information and people don’t buy what they need.

People buy from the emotion of solving a problem or relieving a pain and people buy from those they Know, Like and Trust. Solve that problem, find relief for that pain, and establish yourself as a company that cares and can be trusted and you’re sure to grow a profitable business.