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Use Title Tag SEO to Boost Search Engine Rankings

Title Tag SEO

The purpose of the title tag is to give the search engines and your readers a short but accurate description of what the content is about.  Title Tag SEO is perhaps one of the most important elements for on-page optimization, yet often overlooked when trying to achieve high search engine rankings for a website page.

If you’re looking to boost your website page rankings, check out the following title tag best practices.

The Title Tag and Search Engine Results

The title tag is a key determining factor of your page rank in the search engines and bolded as a clickable link when displayed in search engine results.

Correct use of keywords in the title tag can make a significant difference in your search engine rankings.  In fact, top SEO experts will tell you that keyword usage in the title tag is the most important place to use keywords when looking to achieve high rankings.

While many people may not even notice this, another cool feature of the title tag is that it gets displayed at the top of your browser window for easy reference.  And while this feature is more of a convenience factor, it definitely comes in handy.

Title Tag Tips

When creating title tags it’s best to try and limit the number of characters to no more than 70.  After the maximum allowed 70 characters the search engines will cut off the remainder of the words and replace it with an ellipsis (“…”).

While the entire title tag is not visible to the human reader, it will still be read in its entirety by the search engines.   My suggestion . . . Don’t worry so much over the length and instead focus on creating a good title tag with important keywords positioned at the beginning.

Title Tag Mistakes

Now that you know what is considered good Title Tag SEO, I’d like to mention some common title tag mistakes you should avoid at all cost.

•    Using automatically generated title tags pulled from your content.
•    Keyword listing and stuffing.
•    Using an exact sentence or headline from your content.
•    Using the same exact title tag on every page.

If you take action and implement what I suggest you will see results!

Leave a comment below if you have any other helpful Title Tag SEO tips.

Peace & Prosperity,

Andrea Chin

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