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Using Opt In Email Advertising to Grow Your Profit

If you’ve been online doing business for any length of time, you may have heard the old saying, “the money is in the list.” To new marketers who are just starting out, the importance of using opt in email advertising may not yet be a reality.  There are certain steps and procedures to use to make sure that you act professionally and get the most from your email advertising efforts.

Choosing a quality auto responder service to handle your list

In order to start your opt in email advertising promotions, you will need a quality auto responder service. I personally use Aweber. What this service does is allow you to place html code on your website or squeeze page, which is displayed as an opt-in box so interested visitors can sign up to your list. You offer a free report, free software trial, or anything that someone in your niche may find useful in exchange for their name and email information. They then receive a confirmation email they click on to agree to you sending them more emails. Autoresponder services have tools for you to create follow up messages and then schedule them to be sent out at the times you desire. Emails can be scheduled to go out weekly, multiple times per week or as a broadcast announcement to be delivered at a specific time on a specific day.  An autorepsonder service such as Aweber, is pretty much set-and-forget marketing and a great way to build relationships.

Proper Usage for your opt in emails

We all know what it is like to walk into a store and be bombarded by a pushy salesperson. Even if we had gone into the store with the intent to buy something, a pesky salesperson can turn us off. The same idea applies to email marketing. Since these subscribers can opt out of your list at any time, be mindful of the emails you send out to them.  Start by building a relationship with your list. Offer valuable information, resources and tools. Provide solutions to their problems and satisfy their needs.  Let them get to know, like and trust you. When you decide to start promoting products or services, choose to promote your own products or ones that you can personally vouch for from personal.  Passing on a good recommendation that you’re willing to stake your reputation on, will in the end, build your business a loyal customers base.  Who knows, they may even start to look for emails in their inbox to hear what you have to say and share.

Building Trust through your own messages

Remember that pesky salesperson who tried to sell you the dress or suit? Who may have said things like, “that color really brings out your eyes,” or “that fits you like a glove.” Well, sales people are trained to play on your emotions and entice you into a sale. Sometimes these can be truthful and helpful comments, and other times they can be flat out lies just to make a commission.  The same is true for email marketing and an opt-in list.  Only promote what you believe in and know works. Use your own words to describe why you think it would be worth the investment for the prospective buyer. Using pre-written emails from other marketers may be ok for those just starting out, but when you have already started to build a more intimate relationship with your subscribers, you want to continue to add your voice, add your opinions, and add whatever it takes to make your recipient feel special.

So . . . are your emails providing value or pushing for a sale?

Peace & Prosperity,

Andrea Chin

photo credit: syris-studios