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Traditional Marketing vs. New Technology

In the past, traditional marketing involved print ads in the newspaper or perhaps the yellow pages, cold calling, billboards and signs. Today, businesses build websites and hope to cash in on all the possibilities of new technology. But is building a website, hanging signs and taking out print ads enough?

Not without some promotional work and effort to get your business noticed. If you placed an ad among many and did nothing to make it stand out the chances of it getting noticed will be slim to none. The same is true for a website.

Before you take the leap and abandon traditional marketing for new technology, consider combining the old with the new to create a more effective marketing plan.

I hear all too often the horror stories of small businesses that tried marketing with a website but saw no return on their investment. Even some of the well known larger companies fail to follow through with effective business marketing strategies.

Building a website and putting it online is just the beginning if you want to take advantage of what the internet has to offer. With the amount of websites online today, and the numbers constantly growing, you have to be combining traditional marketing strategies with new technology to reach a greater audience, increase traffic and generate more profits.

Businesses that are aggressive in their marketing efforts have no problem spending money on a regular basis for full page color ads, sending out direct mail advertising, and investing in promotional items to be given away.

Yet, for some reason they think once they make the initial investment (money and/or time) of building a website and getting it online, technology will take care of the rest. This way of thinking is why many websites are nothing more than an online brochure that gets lost in cyberspace.

A website is just another tool in your marketing toolbox and as with all tools, when used correctly; it can make accomplishing the end result that much easier. However, you don’t hammer with a screwdriver and you don’t tighten screws with a hammer. And if you don’t use your tools properly they’re basically useless.

The fact that you have a website online means nothing if the people searching the web never even see it. If your website can not be found, it might as well not even exist! It’s up to you to make sure that when people search for your product and/or service, your website is found by the search engines.

Driving traffic to your website is just one aspect of creating an effective business marketing strategy. Web design, copy, and content are some of the other very broad areas that are just as important.

Implementing these business marketing strategies into your overall business marketing plan will get your website noticed, boost your business and produce more profits.

Peace & Prosperity,

Andrea Chin

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