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Successful Website Marketing

It should go without saying that websites are what connect the world wide web. A website is your home base, your internet hub or portal that contains all the information about your product or services. However, getting traffic to your website requires marketing, just like any other business – you need to let your potential clients know you’re out there. Just building a website does not mean clients will magically appear. You need a marketing strategy to first bring in the traffic and then convert that traffic to paying clients.

Three Tips to Successful Website Marketing

blogging-community1)      Blogging. Today, blog software is capable of much more than just blogging your thoughts or posting articles on your site.  Blog software, like WordPress, are capable of also creating static web pages just like any regular website, only they also make it easy for you to maintain your site. But more important than that, using blog software to write blog posts is a traffic magnet, because:

a)      You are writing fresh content, and search engines love to see fresh content, and so do site visitors.

b)      Blog software also has RSS feeds which allow folks to sign up to receive notice whenever you post something new on your site, thus reminding them to come back to your site and read, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will buy.

2)      Social Media. Who hasn’t heard of Twitter, Facebook and all the various social media networking sites available today? Social media networking is another way to build trust with potential clients, but also another avenue to find potential clients, engage them in conversation and then direct them to your website.  Use social media to engage your market; learn what they want and need – then find a way to meet that need. This is also known as relationship marketing.

3)      Mailing List. While many internet marketers will say that ‘the money is in the list’ (which is mostly true), without a website:

a)      You would have no way of getting subscribers to join your mailing list

b)      You would have no place to direct your mailing list subscribers to view your products or services

Successful website marketing is about building a marketing strategy that involves various elements to target your market audience within the various social networking sites, then using blog posts and mailing list contacts to point them back to your home base: your website.

Peace & Prosperity,

Andrea Chin

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