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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is a successful & proven marketing strategy that can attract new customers to any business. Using social media networks to target and engage your prospective and current customers will not only increase the reach of your company but build relationships. Over time, these relationships will create the Know, Like & Trust Factor that opens doors to more business. Think of referrals from social media network websites like good ‘ole fashion word of mouth referrals, but on steroids. When tapping into a variety of social media platforms your market reach and results are now primed for a radical change. Business owners love word of mouth referrals and businesses that use social media as a marketing vehicle have the advantage of getting their message out to the masses quickly.

Engaging Your Market and Providing Value
Social media as a marketing channel allows a company to actively engage with their target audience by answering questions and concerns that possible clients might have at that moment. Anyone with a question or concern about your product or service can easily post it to your business social media page, and you as the owner or representative can react accordingly. Think of it as an additional way of providing “real time” value and customer support.

With most social media networks, there is often a feature where by you can set up “alerts” so you’re notified every time your company and/or specific keyword term is mentioned. This is great for keeping up to date on what’s relevant to your business. Imagine being informed whenever someone tweets about a topic relevant to your market. You can provide answers, engage them in discussion, and educate them with your expertise.

Creating Social Media Profiles
High Profits Marketing will create a profile or a page on different social media networks and be sure to include important information and details that possible consumers are trying to find. We make it easy for the interested public to find your best contact information, business location, hours of operation and other pertinent information.

A Customized Strategy
We at High Profits Marketing treat every client company as a separate and unique entity. When developing a social media marketing strategy for our clients, we collaborate, discuss, and agree on a customized plan that will provide an excellent outcome. We not only take into account individual needs, but we personalize the posts for each social media platform appropriately. What you publish on Twitter might not be a good fit for Facebook and sending the very same generic posts to all social media networks will certainly have you lose credibility and fail fast.

Easily Find Your Business
It is a common practice for potential buyers to first research the Web for local companies, reviews, and other information that will help them make their decision. While a consumer can find your website online, any business will considerably improve its online visibility and chances of winning over the prospective buyer by having a strong presence on social media networks.

Viral Marketing
One of the fastest and most efficient ways to let your target customer base know about what’s happening in your company (i.e. special events, sales, etc.) is to post it on a number of social media networks and have it go viral.

If you’re seeking to run a new promotion, stand out and get creative. Grab some attention with contests, free gifts and out of the ordinary ideas to get your audience excited and involved. If you can generate lots of buzz, social media users will likely share it with their friends, who will then share it with their friends, thereby creating a ripple effect. The social media users that find value in what you are sharing will freely spread your message and provide you with the best free advertising for your business.

There are tremendous benefits to incorporating a social media campaign in your marketing strategies and High Profits Marketing would be honored to help develop the winning social media campaigns that will build relationships, build credibility, build your brand, and most importantly … help build your business.