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Small Business Marketing Plans

business planIf you are determined to start up your own small business, making a marketing plan is essential. A marketing plan should be part of drafting your overall business plan.  A small business marketing plan merely defines who your customers are, and how to effectively reach them.  A marketing plan is a guide to help you know your target market and devise ways to best reach that market.  Basic aspects of a marketing plan are branding, finding the customers and marketing venues or tools to use.

Let us have a look into these basic aspects as the essentials for drawing up small business marketing plan.


Branding is significant to let the customers relate the value of your product or service with the needs of prospective customers.  Many companies are known for their corporate identity due to the strong brands. In fact, all the organizations are battling to create a brand image with better brand value. Your goal is make your brand stand out in the crowd. This is called brand identity; the stronger the brand identity, the bigger your slice of the market. Hence distinguish your product identity to impress the customers.

Know Your Market – Provide A Solution

Identifying and knowing your market is essential. Your marketing plan should identify a need in your market and your product or service is the answer to that need.  An effective marketing plan depicts your unique product value.  The use of imagery with logos, print ads, TV commercials, as well as, online advertising via a web site and social media marketing, all comprise a well rounded marketing plan.


Marketing is a way for potential customers to become familiar with your brand, as it builds the know-like-trust factor in association with your business. People do business with those they know, like and trust a well written and executed small business marketing plan will encompass the know-like-trust factor with your potential customers to convert them to buying customers.

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Andrea Chin

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