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SEO Tips To Improve Search Engine Rank

Discussions centered around Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can range from very complicated to quite simple, from really good information to really bad information.  Yet with all the contrasting information out there, many sites are still able to achieve top search engine rankings and so can you.

Improve Search Engine Rank

After all, if you have a website online isn’t that your end goal, to get your website found by those interested in what you have to offer? By following these simple SEO tips you can improve search engine rank and get your website found within the top positions of Google.

Hyperlink with Anchor Text

Since search engines favor anchor text for all outgoing and inbound links, it would be to your advantage to use relevant keywords as anchor text instead of using a standard URL. Given that search engines use anchor text to determine what your site is about and what it should rank for, using core keywords will bring in the best results.

Properly Construct Tags

Properly constructed title and meta tags that include keywords may not be as influential as they were once thought to be, but they do still add a bit of a boost to your search rankings. Meta tags are useful for categorizing web pages and letting the search engines know what to expect from those pages.

Link Popularity

The number of quality links that point to a website or web page is often referred to as link popularity. The more inbound links you get to your site, the more popular the search engines consider your site and therefore deem your site a quality source in their ranking.

Improve Search Engine Rank With Variety

If the majority of links to your website are all coming from the same domain it definitely has less of an impact on your ranking. Inbound links coming from a variety of websites is often associated with quality content and popularity, which we all know the search engines like.

My last little SEO tip to improve search engine rank is to include keywords in your root domain whenever possible.

While all of these factors play an important part in search engine ranking, not one will the job of all. If you want to improve search engine rank for a particular keyword and/or keyphrase, don’t pick and choose one or two of these simple SEO tips, instead implement them all and watch your search engine ranking rise.

Peace & Prosperity,

Andrea Chin