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Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing and Its Benefits for Businesses
Reputation marketing is necessary for acquiring new customers. The growing use of the internet has led to the birth of consumers who provide and seek out feedback from first hand experiences with a specific business. Having a sound reputation is an added promotional benefit to any business and will help expand their market share. High Profits Marketing will help your business develop an online reputation and consequently increase your sales.

At High Profits Marketing we’ve strategically combined principles from reputation management and brand marketing to achieve consistent results with our Reputation Marketing services. Our proven strategies make a difference because we start by first building you a five star reputation and then marketing that reputation to get you more customers.

We already know your potential customers are (1) looking on the internet for your service and (2) are influenced by what others have to say about you. Therefore, it only makes sense to do everything in your power to not only make sure your company is positioned at the top of the returned results, but with a stellar reputation. This type of visibility is priceless. A first-rate online reputation will create loyalty and endless recommendations, making it easier to promote your business and brand to new customers and in new markets.

Online Reputation and Consumer Behavior: A Statistical Study
A Local Consumer Review Survey found that close to 90% of consumers have read a review to determine the quality of a local business and just shy of 40% do so on a regular basis. With consumers growing more accustomed to searching the internet for reviews of products and local services, it is imperative for businesses in all sectors to be active with marketing their company’s reputation. Best practices for reputation marketing is to have reviews that are plentiful, positive and fresh.

More than 70% of consumers state that positive customer reviews make them trust a company more. With far more people trusting and relying on public reviews, the significance of personal recommendations is declining. Don’t get me wrong, word of mouth referrals are still a great source of free advertising. It’s just that with many people still going online to check out a business after getting a personal recommendation, a company’s online visibility and reputation is of far greater value to draw in new customers then most business owners realize.

Companies invest a lot of time and money in developing a strong brand yet careless and lackadaisical when it comes to the drawbacks of their business having negative or no reviews. An absence of reviews is really not much better than negative reviews when trying to generate new business.

Take Control With Reputation Marketing
Most business owners would like to think that they are in control of their brand identity. Unfortunately, if they’re not actively engaging with their audience and being proactive with their presence online, they’re leaving the door wide open for the public to dictate how their company is perceived. You cannot ignore the voice of the public. If you’re not managing your reputation online, you might just find someone is. Make it a priority to safeguard a business’s good reputation, whatever the costs, because your reputation can make or break your business. Your online reputation IS your reputation.

Keep in mind, consumers reading reviews are usually further along the purchase path and closer to making a buying decision. To get to this point they have probably already recognized their ‘need’ and are really just looking for the best company to do business with. Don’t let this opportunity slip into the hands of your competitors. It’s more important than ever to establish a five star reputation and then market that reputation as a key feature of your business. Have your business stand out from the crowd with a five star reputation.

The team at High Profits Marketing will strategically and aggressively work to first build you a five star reputation and then leverage the power of the internet to market that inviting reputation. Using a variety of media platforms allows us to market your reputation far and wide getting you as much exposure as possible. Contact us today to get started and we’ll have you looking like the true market leader that you are.