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Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing
We live in a day and age where the majority of people turn to the internet to look for businesses specific to their geographical area. Gone are the days where people reach for the Yellow Pages to find a local business. The mere convenience of being able to pull out your smart phone or other mobile device and search the internet for whatever it is your looking for has definitely changed buyer behavior. With consumer shopping habits constantly evolving around new technologies, businesses must be willing to align their marketing strategies with these advances.

The competitive nature of digital media marketing requires every business, small or large, to take full advantage of the internet and leverage the power of online local search marketing to obtain as many customers as possible. High Profits Marketing, a full service digital marketing agency, can develop a local search marketing plan that meets the individual needs of your business and get your business found online.

The Big Online Shift: Rise of Local Search
The internet empowers the end user with more information than they could possibly gather elsewhere with the results being instantaneous and readily accessible. There is no getting around the fact that people perform searches to find products, services and general information. Location based information influences these search results with localized signals relevant to the geo location of the current searcher and then delivers results that are conveniently located nearby.

Have you ever noticed when doing a search online sometimes your search returns maps results of local businesses while other times it displays only websites? The results displayed are relevant to the search terms used and what the search engines believe you are looking for – information vs. local business.

Local intent searches are on the rise over all devices; computer, tablet and smartphone. Consumers who conduct local searches are further along in the purchase funnel and closer to a buying decision. Depending on the device used, on average 60 percent to 80 percent of local searches result in a purchase.

Benefits of Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Local is an important piece of the online marketing puzzle and I urge all businesses to pay close attention to their local presence online. The majority of consumers are doing some sort of online research prior to making their final buying decision. Whether they’re educating themselves with information on pricing, product options, brand reputation or reviewers past experiences, they are seeking out information that will influence their buying decision. For this reason, it is of utmost importance for your business to have a credible and commanding online presence. The business with the most attractive presence online will win the click and the opportunity to deliver more value to earn their business.

An improved local presence in the search results will result in an increase in website traffic, customer visits and ultimately sales. To make your business visible in the local search results whenever potential customers conduct an online search for relevant keywords, the team at High Profits Marketing will develop personalized Local SEO campaigns and implement local search marketing strategies that will get you found. We make it cost effective for any budget.

How Can Local Search Marketing Help You?
Possibly the greatest advantage of an effective online local search marketing plan is the fact that it works for you around the clock. Set up properly, your campaigns continuously target your ideal market audience.

Properly localizing your target keywords on a website and other web properties is proven to be effective. An assessment, research and consultation are all part of the process to help determine the keywords we’ll use to target potential customers in your geographic location. Once we agree on specific localized buyer keywords, we then focus on getting your web properties returned in the top search results. This type of online marketing is a low-cost marketing investment that never stops producing results.

Achieving page 1 positions (local and organic) for multiple keywords will help you get new customers and establish your presence as a market leader. Statistics show that the majority of people do not look past page 1 of the search results and the few that do dig deeper rarely go further than page 2 or 3, and even that’s a stretch. The bottom line, web properties that fall off page 1 get very little online visibility.

Search engines are now the #1 resource used by consumers looking for products and services from local businesses and online research drives billions of in-store sales. If your company wants to compete and get noticed, you need to capitalize on this consumer behavior and leverage the power of Local Search Marketing. Contact High Profits Marketing today to get started and get noticed!