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List Building: 3 Necessary Tools

If you’ve studied anything at all about internet marketing, the first thing you hear is ‘you need to build a list’, or ‘the money is in the list’. This is true if you build the right type of list. You want a money list, which is simply defined as one where those who opt-in to your list have already shown they are willing to spend money.

How to Build a Buyers List

It’s simple!

You need three tools to get started:

  1. Email List BuildingA subscription to an autoresponder service. I recommend Aweber, but there are others that are fine too, like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp or iContact. In order to send email to a mass number of email addresses, you absolutely must use an autoresponder service, as this will keep you in compliance with CAN-SPAM laws.
  2. A product to sell.This product could be an inexpensive $7 report or a more expensive coaching program or whatever. The point is that if someone is willing to pay you money, then they are the type of folks you want on your mailing list. Offering a quality product that meets the needs of your market is key. PLR (Private Label Rights) product can be used to quickly and easily create a product.
  3. A squeeze page. After the client has purchased from you, the thank you page from your shopping cart system should direct them back to a special thank you page (aka: squeeze page) that you have created. On this page, you will put your opt-in form for them to sign-up to your list. You get them to sign-up by placing text above the opt-in form similar to this: “Please fill out the form below so we can know where to send your product.” – or – “ Please fill out the form below so we can communicate with you regarding your coaching sessions.” You get the idea, depends on what you’re selling as to what wording would work best.

The above three keys are the most critical elements in list building; but it should go without saying that continuing to stay in touch with your subscribers and offering them quality information is what will endear them to you and build their know-like-trust factor with you and provide you with a responsive list of repeat buyers.

Peace & Prosperity,

Andrea Chin