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If You Build It, Make Sure They Come

httpWith so many people on the internet, online browsing, online buying, and online opportunities have become extremely popular. Globally, millions of people can be found on the internet searching the web on a “daily” basis.

Knowing that you have the potential to reach millions of people all over the world, where better to market your business than online?

However, and this is a BIG however . . . Do Not believe for a second that just because you build a website and get it online, the millions of people searching the internet will come. Quite the contrary, nobody will see it or know it exists until you promote it, tweak it and consistently improve it.

If you’re thinking, “who wants to do MORE work?” Consider this . . . by not marketing your business online, you’re offering your competition a piece of YOUR pie. If you’re not hungry enough to work for the success of your business, your competitors will happily take it from you.

While there are many strategies to website marketing, which we can continue to discuss in the future, here are 5 things you Must Do to your website to start setting yourself up for success.

Set Up an Opt-In Form on Your Site

Place this form on every page of your site where it can easily be seen. When someone visits your website, they’re showing an interest in what you have you offer or what you have to say (information) and may very well provide their name and email to stay informed. To increase the chances of your visitors leaving their name and email, include a clearly stated call to action and entice them with a valuable freebie such as a newsletter or coupons. This simple form is an important piece in building your business online.

Make Sure Your Website is Impressive

What I mean by impressive is simply easy to navigate, easy to understand and easy on the eyes. People who arrive at your site for the first time that have trouble figuring where to go or what the site is about will quickly move on. In order to first get visitors and then keep them coming back to your website, make sure your website content is well-written and let people know what your site or business is all about. Keep your website simple and try to avoid too many distractions as your visitors will find this overwhelming. You’ll also want to stay away from to many flash graphics as it increases the load time and we all know that the longer a site takes to load, the faster your visitor will leaves.

Provide Value

Give your customers what they want by including information and products/services that answers their needs. Focus on the benefits your customers will receive. If your service or product is useful, and you provide stellar customer service, then you’re more than likely going to gain a customer for life. You’re also more likely to get return customers as well as word of mouth referrals.

Optimize Your Website to Work the Search Engines

Your website should at the very least be search engines optimized at a basic level. This would include proper title tags, meta tags, and keywords. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very effective strategy to apply when striving for search engine ranking, indexing and visibility.

Keep Your List Private

People hate receiving spam email. This means that you should never share your list with third parties or send them junk mail. And always, offer them an obvious and easy way to unsubscribe.
These 5 starter tips are just the beginning when it comes to marketing your website online. If you’d like to continue learning how to effectively market online, come back often or subscribe to my RSS feed. If you’d like to get started right away with setting up and marketing your website online, email me at: