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Google Local Penalizes Spamming

Google local is a tool that many small businesses use as a way to get ranked and found more easily.  And if you’re doing any marketing online, then you’re probably well aware of how valuable it can be for your business to be listed at the top of the search engines.

But if you’re going to play in Google’s backyard, you best play by their rules.

Google is no stranger to webmasters and online marketers, trying to beat their system in order to get ranked faster.  In an effort to remain in control and keep it a fair game for all involved, those who try to cheat the system and refuse to play by the rules will find themselves slapped with penalties.

And it appears from what others are experiencing . . . Google doesn’t believe in “innocent until proven guilty.”

Read the full article, “What Is Spamming In Google Local” to learn from the innocent mistakes of others and how to avoid being penalized.

Peace & Prosperity,
Andrea Chin

photo credit: Tim PopUp