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Article Marketing Tips For Maximum Success: The Big Four!

If you’re ready to turn your keyboard into a cash register, you’d better get hip to article marketing. In fact, writing an article is one of the best ways to market your product, service, blog or website. Why? Content. Plain and simple. It’s what keeps the internet alive and thriving, and it’s what you need in order to draw the attention of the millions upon millions of people that search for relevant information everyday. Give them the content they so desperately desire, and you’ll absolutely be rewarded for it.

But of course, nothing is ever that simple. There happens to be a lot of information out there about the same topics, so how do you make yours the information people find, read and continue to come back for. Repeat after me “Q-u-a-l-i-t-y and R-e-l-e-v-a-n-c-e”. That’s it. Give your readers content full of quality information they are actually looking for.

article marketing tipsThere are many ways to get your articles maximum attention from your target market. Here are some specific article marketing tips that you need to live and breath. They’ll greatly improve the odds of your success and at the same time you’ll create a relationship with your prospects the can last a lifetime. I call them “The Big Four”.

Biggie # 1: Be The Expert

Research is a word that many people dread. Most of those who shy away from research have yet to recognize its true value. If they did, I’m willing to bet they would change their tune on the subject. In order to come up with quality information for your reader, you will want to do research to come up with new ideas and find the latest theories and trends in your niche.

A lot of people assume reading a few blurbs about a subject here and there is enough to write a quality article. That is far from the truth. In order to really give your readers what they want to know, you’ll want to dig deeper. Determine who the experts in your specific area are, find out what they have to say on the subject and take a look at the items they are recommending. Do as much as you can to get background information and facts.

Researching your content improves credibility and expertise. You’ll be able to present quality content people will want to read and continue to come back for. If you don’t have time to research a topic in depth, find someone who does.

There’s a reason they say “Knowledge is key!”

Biggie # 2: Make an Outline

Once you gain the knowledge you need to write a truly relevant article, you need to find a way to transfer the information from inside your brain all the way to the computer screen. The most tried and true method from novelist, to journalist, to, yes, online article writers, is the outline. The outline will save you a thousand headaches by keeping you organized and focused with all of your hair follicles still neatly or messily in place.

An outline doesn’t have to be extremely in depth or comprehensive. Start off by planning the introduction, add a few key points for the body, and finish it up with a conclusion or miniature summary of your article’s main points. Here’s a little trick writers use to create their outlines.

  • Tell your readers what you’re going to be talking about. (Introduction)
  • Talk about it. (Body)
  • Summarize what you just told them (Conclusion)

Don’t be fooled into thinking that putting together an outline will only create more work for yourself. In all actuality, it’ll save you time in the long run. Your thoughts will be organized and you’ll be able to focus on each individual piece of the puzzle that when complete will flow together nicely.

Biggie # 3: Jazz It Up!

The most important function of any article is to inform its reader. But, your article must get and keep their attention in order to inform, right? Absolutely!

Many people neglect to focus on the fact articles need to be compelling, but they also need to sell if you’re trying to make money online. There are many elements of copy you can include to make your articles compelling and lead people to a certain action. You can create interest and increase action with things like:

  • Attention grabbing headlines and subheadings (These draw the reader in and leave them wanting to know more)
  • A hook line (This will keep them reading)

Keep in mind that everyone is very busy these days, if you want to get your article read from beginning to end, you will have a higher chance of success when you add a bit of creative copywriting.

Biggie # 4: Lead Them Onward

If you remember nothing else about people who buy online, remember this:

You will make more money when you TELL your reader what to do next!

The internet is all about choice, endless choices swimming around in a vast ocean of information. You can’t expect your readers to go where you want them to if you don’t tell them. You can’t push a boat out to sea and just hope it lands on the beach of a tropical paradise. You must make a map, be the Captain, lead them there. So after your readers finish with your article, tell them what to do next.

For instance, if you want your reader to visit your website to learn more about your product or service; send them there. If you would like your reader to complete a survey or give their opinion on the topic they just finished reading about, tell them where to go to do so.

This is where your author or resource box comes into play and can quickly become your best friend. Use this area to tell a bit about yourself or your website, and give your readers something to do. Give them a clear call to action.

Remember, keep it relevant by finding the right topics for your target audience and doing as much research as you can about that topic. Next, create an outline to keep you organized and focused. Then jazz it up with attention grabbing headlines and subheads to keep them reading. Finally, be the captain and lead them where you want them to go next, to achieve maximum benefits from your article marketing efforts. Ladies and gentleman, that’s the Big Four. Now go out their and light up those keyboards.

Peace & Prosperity,

Andrea Chin

P.S. What are your best article marketing tips?