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Article Marketing: A Proven Marketing Strategy For Website Traffic

While more and more businesses today are turning to the internet to market their products and services, getting traffic to their website is still something that many struggle with. Building a website and putting it online serves no purpose if it never gets any visitors. You need to market your website in order to make it possible for potential customers to stop by and consider buying your products or services.

Article Marketing is a Proven Marketing Strategy for Website Traffic!!

Here is an easy to understand explanation of how Article Marketing works:

  1. You write an article.
  2. You submit it to article directories.
  3. Your article shows up in search engine results.
  4. Web publishers (website owners & bloggers) grab your article from the article databases and use your article on their sites free of charge.
  5. Inside your article, at the end, you include a resource box (aka author bio) that contains a link to your website and call to action. When the article is published, the resource box section must remain intact and also be published.

Here are the three main ways article marketing generates traffic for your business:

  1. People follow your call to action and click your link from the article directory and end up on your website.
  2. Webmasters publish your article (with your link intact) on their own site.
  3. Your search engine position increases because you gain more backlinks.

Implementing article marketing will take some effort on your part, but the results will be well worth it. This proven marketing strategy is one of the most cost efficient and effective ways of generating traffic to your website and promoting your product or service. Follow these guidelines and you can be sure to get the targeted traffic you want to your website.

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