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Article Marketing: Dos and Don’ts

Among the many online marketing strategies being used today, article marketing ranks among the top contenders as far as being the most effective and widely used online business marketing strategy.  If you’re trying to do business online, then you need to be writing articles.  Article marketing is a must for any and all online businesses because it helps you build a customer base and credibility.

To get you started with your writing, here are some suggested dos and don’ts of article marketing that you should be aware of.


  • Write a short article. Write an article that is easy to digest and easy to understand. The shorter your article the better, although, don’t make it so short that it doesn’t deliver the information the reader is looking for. Keeping your article to 350 – 700 words is a good frame of reference.  My blog posts are generally shorter in length then articles submitted to an article directory.
  • Present an article like a TV talk show. You might have watched talk shows, it’s entertaining and informative. Write your article in the same manner – entertaining and informative.
  • Provide value.  Present a problem and provide a solution for every problem you make. Readers have a lot of questions and they’re searching the internet for solutions; when you provide them with a solution, you’re giving them something of value. At the same time you’re gaining their trust and building your credibility.
  • Write to One.  Write as if you are having a 1-on-1 conversation with someone you care about.
  • Include some tips on your articles. There are two types of tips you should include, the command tip, which tells people what to do and the mistake tip, which tells people what not to do or what to avoid. Articles warning against what not to do or what to avoid are a great way to build upon personal relationships and show you care.


  • Too many spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors will make you look unprofessional and damage your reputation. To avoid these mistakes, read and reread your articles after finishing. Consider having fresh eyes read the article whenever possible.
  • Too much self promotion. Hype and bragging will chase away more customers than it will attract and eventually destroy your reputation. People aren’t looking to be sold to. Chances are they discovered your article while searching for information to solve a problem. It’s Not all about you and your product and/or service; it’s all about how can you help the reader.
  • Too long. Articles that are too long can mean boredom; boredom means no readers; and no readers means no potential customers. An article should be easy to read, informative and entertaining.  Stay on topic and get to the point.
  • Bad Headline. Most readers judge an article by reading the headline. Bad headlines mean little or no readership. Try to use headlines that are catchy and contain keywords.

Writing an article is easier than most people think. Follow these simple article marketing tips to get your article marketing started.

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